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Megan Serene Pecchia 
Photo of Megan Serene Pecchia


I’m Megan Serene Pecchia, the hand and heart behind the art. I’m best known for my black and white detailed drawings on repurposed books.  The act of drawing has always been deeply embedded in me, intentionally given to me along with my blue eyes, freckles, active spirit, and Minnesota roots.


Growing up my medium of choice quickly became the most common writing utensil in my hand, a pen or pencil.  I would sketch on anything put in front of me; school notebooks, church bulletins, scraps of paper, disposable coffee cups, and pages of books. Shading became a thing of beauty to me. It was enchanting to see something so intricate, detailed, and dimensional come to life from a single tool and my own hand. 

The other beauty in my life was nature. As a Christian, I have always been inspired by God’s deliberate and detailed handiwork that flooded the world around me.  I grew up hiking through forests and running on trails, chasing moose sightings in the Boundary Waters, swimming down babbling rivers, and cross country skiing up snow-covered hills. The importance of the natural world still lays heavily on my heart. My husband and I love to explore the great outdoors together, whether in our home state of Michigan or traveling around the world to different places. 


People and relationships have also always been very important to me. I believe we are here to use our gifts and talents to bring joy, hope, and love to the ones who have been placed around us.  That’s why my creations wouldn’t just start with hands, they would begin with a heartbeat and a person in mind. During the start of my art journey, the majority of my creations went out in the form of gifts.   I would make greeting cards, capture loved one's pets, or adorn household lamps, glass jars, and furniture with artwork and designs.  


In 2019 I set my mind to intentionally focus on drawing.  My hands still itch to draw on anything in front of me and one day a heap of books that were going to the dumpster became the eager accomplice to my ballpoint pen and so the book art began.  

Thank you for your interest in my work and me as the artist.  I hope that you see the heart behind each detail and learned little more about the hands that created it.

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