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Artwork information and handling tips

  • When handling, attempt to hold the artwork by the backing board that the books are secured to. The books are fragile.

  • The artwork has been sprayed with a sealant, but smudging can still occur if touched.

  • Artwork comes with a French cleat affixed to the artwork. An additional French cleat is included to secure to a wall for a simple hanging process. If alterations need to be made for leveling the piece, it is suggested to change the level of the French cleat on the wall, rather than the one on the artwork.

Crate Removal Process Suggestion

I know you are eager to hang the piece, but you must first remove it from the crate. Below is a video along with instructions to assist in the process.

When you receive the artwork, the back of the artwork will be secured to the bottom of the crate with screws. Do not remove the screws with the crate upside-down. The artwork can be damaged when the screws are removed and it is released from the crate. It is suggested to follow these steps for safe removal. 


Suggested Tools:

  • Philips screwdriver

  • Two people


Art Removal From Crate

  1. Place crate with “Megan Serene Art” facing up on a surface that is raised off the ground (e.g. table)

  2. Move crate to edge of the surface to allow access to a portion of the bottom of the crate where one of the screws is located 

    1. One person should be holding the crate to ensure it does not fall of the surface

  3. Remove bottom screw

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all bottom screws on the crate are removed

The art is ready for removal. When handling, try to hold the art by the backing board. The books are fragile.

Artwork Hanging Process Suggestion

Required Tools:

  • Philips screwdriver

  • Drill

  • 11/64” drill bit

  • Stud finder

Materials (provided):

  • Hillman 6-in aluminum French cleat for wall

  • 2 black screws

  • 2 wall anchors

  • 1 bubble level

Art Hanging Steps

A Hillman six-inch aluminum French cleat hanging system is provided. The hardware has already been installed onto the art piece for your convenience. All you have to do is attached the other side of the hanging hardware to a wall.

Note: not all holes in the French cleat need a screw. Two screws are provided by manufacturer. The “Wall mounted French cleat” picture shows an example of a French cleat attached to a wall with three screws. That is because it is holding a piece ~3x the size of the piece you received and the screws are not going into a stud nor using wall anchors. That being said, use as many screws that gives you piece of mind.

If stud available (no wall anchors required):

  1. Locate stud with stud finder

  2. Align one hole on the French cleat to the stud and apply a screw

  3. Add bubble level to French cleat and make level (shown in “Wall mounted French cleat” picture)

  4. Apply screw when level

 If no stud available:

  1. Locate where to place art

  2. Drill initial hole with 11/64” drill bit

  3. Add anchor into predrilled hole

  4. Place French cleat over hole and apply screw


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